Obtaining a Satisfactory Head

I’ve been asked a lot about how I got “that cool head thing” aka Visage of the First Wakener in game while running around (or in DMs), and while I wrote an article about this for something else, I’d like something I can link people now!



Thal’kiel has to be one of my favorite additions to the Warlock class. Not just because he’s a skull, but also because he chatters away, offering notes on lore, history of races, and how magical abilities of spells like Xavius’ disguise in Darkheart Thicket works, or the binding spells in Eye of Azshara is an utter disaster.

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When I first heard about Legion, and it’s vast amount of world bosses to kill, and Legendary items to attain, I had a picture in my head of the weekly rotation from Mists of flying from world boss to world boss, looking for items in large groups of people while orange pixels were showered upon us.

I was kind of wrong, and I’m kind of glad that I was.


One of the most fun parts about about the concept of Legendary items was that they could come from ANYWHERE.

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First Chair: Muscle Memory

During second year of playing clarinet, we were allowed to fight for the positions we sat in.


In a band, an orchestra, or similar performance groups, chair rankings are much like DPS charts, deeply narrow reflections of the player’s ability to perform against their peers, usually coming with the same problems that DPS charts face. The players think they know everything based upon that sliver of information, while those in charge know far more about their ability to perform. Needless to say, everyone’s failures in relation to this yardstick, and shocking successes were well-known as they became the topic of discussion after our director made the final call of if who won or lost.

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Patch Prep, an Interlude

When I first made a post about my Legion prep (Alt Chat’s #IamPreparedLegion), I had a lot to do. My list was nearly four pages long. Not to mention the fact that I had another list of other accomplishments to finish once I tackled some of THOSE accomplishments.



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Warcraft Cares

Throughout the past few years, there’s been a lot of amazing people helping me put together a lot of the great community events I care about work, and also a lot of other people helping to make the community a better place and organizing events that are not only in line with my own morals, but deeply important to me. Outside of the original members of SeeD, the one person who really stands out is Arcane Ratsel, whom I have teamed up with time and time again over the years for both fundraisers she’s created, and I have.


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Legion Planning v1.0

Planning obsessively for an expansion in my guild is nearly considered a sport, some of us get really excited by numbers. If someone came out and said they had a spreadsheet of everyone’s possible planned classes, I’d be honestly not that surprised. (Okay, I’m actually just one of the people resisting the urge to do it.) People in my guild are focused on earning things that might go away, getting achievements, and planning for the expansion while still enjoying our time left in this expansion. The best part is that they while they are excited for what is next, they tend to cheer people on or help them while remaining genuinely in the moment of getting things done, rather than hyper focused on what’s next.


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It’s Not Blizzard’s Fault You’re Playing Alone

No matter where I go in social media, I hear people saying that they don’t feel an amount of community in the Warcraft Community.  Dead guilds, not knowing how to find people to do an activity with, being afraid to engage other players, missing raid team members, and every other complaint you’ve heard in your lifetime.


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Because We’d Rather You Didn’t


There’s this really old screenshot that a friend emailed to me a few years ago; it’s mostly just of his Mage and my Warlock sitting there as he and I talked. He had just run me through a dungeon during my re-roll at the start of the Burning Crusade. While I’m uncertain of context of the conversation before it, the chat in the box as our characters sat there on the screen read: “And this is why I will never play Demonology.”


I laughed, he laughed. When we talk about it now years later, it’s an ironic sort of laughter.

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My Weekend with Overwatch

“Press start to continue.”-D.Va


(The following is from the stress test weekend held earlier in November, but I decided to wait to publish it, as it is a feature in this month’s WoW Community Magazine.)

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On Improving


Div 1 (now Open Class) Finals at Gillette Stadium. Yeah, I guess I’m old.

There’s a phrase that they tell people who participate in Drum Corps. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” And while I don’t march anymore, I try to apply the idea to raiding each and every time.

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