On WoW Hoarding

((This was first published in Game On’s WoW Community Magazine’s December 2014 Issue))

My main has a bag space problem. After just under 8 years since her creation, and 429 days of played time by the end of December, she’s racked up a lot of weird things and has a full void storage to prove it. I have to admit dear readers, I have a serious in-game hoarding problem. Which admittedly, is weird for a player who moved 3,000 miles with a suitcase, a few shipped boxes and nothing else.

The biggest offenders are things like the old school Insignias of the Crusade and the Dawn. I only have 6 of one and 1 of the other, but I hate the idea of deleting them. They were oh so important and seem so cool now. And Archmage Vargoth’s staff, it’s still not a toy. Oh, and my Grand Spellstone, which you can no longer make as a warlock, but somehow still languishes in my bags, and I treasure (If only I had a Firestone to complete my set). The last Dusksteel Throwing Knives while turning in junkboxes for ‘the Insane’. A grey book of prohibited magics, that likely belongs on my bank alt, but I’ll likely think is garbage the second I mail it to her.  Every Brewfest Stein (thanks Blizz for only making 4 so far). And a blackened Urn, now grey, but I feel guilty about selling. Let us not even mention four legendary items (not counting the new clusters) and the five Day of the Dead costumes that are kept around “Just for show”.

Then there is almost every transmog piece imaginable, just incase, along with random bits of PvP gear and tabards that I will never wear but feel obligated to keep because they’ll count for an achievement someday.  There’s also the rarest white item in the game that I camped off and on for a year and a half only to find it for 10,000 gold while hanging out on a PvE server.

There’s also the silly items on my alts and bank alt, such as letters from friends, every bundle of flowers and cakes, rings, and necklaces from birthdays and good or bad days. Old materials such Devout Candles or original stacks of Red War Fuel line my priest’s banks. I’m strangely stocked up on Bowels ‘N’ Brains for the day I feel like my guild needs them, and I’m still finding white smoke flares from an incident where an officer of mine got hacked 6 years ago and ours multiplied endlessly, somehow.

white smoke flares

I even hoard macros that are long defunct. Who knows when I’m going to need a Divine Intervention and Soulstone/Battle Rez rotation marco for Deathbringer Saurfang’s Boiling Blood mechanic? What if I need to run the core on Lady Vashj all over again? What if I need to target both of Rhyolith’s feet in alternation with fel flames to turn him just perfectly? I mean, sure, I can just target his right foot and fel flame is no longer a spell, but what if? I don’t need at least 70% of this stuff, but I have it. I even have a macro to make rainbows, because that’s going to get my raid in order.

Don’t get me wrong, ye holders of clean bags. I’m not unhappy with my space problem, I could clean house tomorrow if I wanted to. (Most of my alt’s banks have so much space that they have maybe two transmogs at most.) Seeing some of these things makes me laugh, especially when I see a Distant Land full of the best Wrath-era stamina gems gold could buy collecting dust in my warlock’s bank. They even help me remember people who aren’t around as much or at all anymore.

Mostly though, these things are hard to get rid of simply because they’re an artifact to another time. A different era. Achievements from before there were achievement points. I know I’m not the only one to have these things. When the veterans start linking ancient items, these are the hilarious things we share. Why did we ever have these? No one knows, but we’re never getting rid of them.



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