It’s Not Blizzard’s Fault You’re Playing Alone

No matter where I go in social media, I hear people saying that they don’t feel an amount of community in the Warcraft Community.  Dead guilds, not knowing how to find people to do an activity with, being afraid to engage other players, missing raid team members, and every other complaint you’ve heard in your lifetime.


I want to feel badly for these people trapped in a cycle of LFRs and LFGs, all alone in CRZs and Merged Realms. It sounds like a series of horrible diseases written out that way. “You’ve got clinical LFR. There’s no cure.” Someone call Dr. House. 


But honestly? I can’t. I see people who took what was at face value within the game and never ventured any further than what was offered within the community. I see a lack of personal responsibility. You have to get out of your shell if you want to get the things you keep carping about.


Why? Blizzard can build you an MMORPG. They can give you the massively, and when the masses fail to interact they can give you artificial environments like Looking for Raid, and Looking for Group;  and, yes, LFR and LFG are also convenience measures, but they’re not meant to be a one and only thing. However, if you want real, honest connections, that’s actually on you, the masses. A developer cannot handhold you into having friendships, guilds and talking to people, and having a sense of belonging.   



Out of the frame are 20 other people doing Garrison bosses. Context.


The only thing I’ve learned over the past 11 years is that the Blizzard community is so entirely vast, worldwide and willing to accept people that the idea of people being adrift and alone shocks me. It’s not hard to join it, but it is hard to simply ignore it.


For every Reddit thread with lonely people  complaining they can’t raid or they’re in an empty guild, there are 10 more people saying the same thing. If all of those people made friends, or organized themselves, they would have new friends. It’s much the same on twitter or other social media. Many people don’t utilize their realm forums which are still being used. 


Worst of all, I see people on the very platforms I use to connect with people saying they’re alone. All they have to do is stretch their hand out a little and say they’d like to join. Or that they’re looking for help.


But also, make friends in your LFRs, and LFGs. Go in and be the most friendly person. Exchange Battle Tags with great people in your random groups. Look for a guild that is active and fits your personality. If your server is dead say fuck it and re-roll on a fun new realm and try a new guild or three. Try OpenRaid and meet some guilds that will take you along. (Hint, even my guild does this!)



Basically: Get out of your own rut and stop waiting for Blizzard to save you if you want to keep playing. 


You’re in charge of your online friendships. If some of my friends take a break from the game, I have the ability to make more friends always, there’s not a cap on friendship. Yes, I wish content came out sooner, but I can endlessly enjoy the same content with a multitude of people always. If you think Legion will bring back all of your friends, toss that expectation right the hell out the window now. An expansion is only a possible band-aid on your friends who vanished before. Maybe they’ll come back, but wouldn’t it be better to make friends who are here now rather than wait until maybe September? The Blues aren’t Friendship Travel Agents. 



Now in the Blizzard Shop: Fake Friends in Lots of 10 to 25. Warning: Dislikes suggestions that they equip gear for raids.


And if you’re angry that you’re lonely, and want to be stupid about it: Sure! Blame the Garrisons. Blame the Dailies. Blame the long raids. Blame the Farms. Blame the Class Order Halls before you’ve even fucking touched them. However, let’s be fucking realistic, if you’re playing alone with all the tools out there to find friends, it’s a fault and choice of your own.



Maybe 100% less of this in the Garrison, yeah?

So, what are you going to do about it if you’re unhappy?




  One thought on “It’s Not Blizzard’s Fault You’re Playing Alone

  1. Darnath
    April 12, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    I’d like to say your article is spot on, but one counterpoint I’d like to say is a lot of those people who complain are also on dead servers. Blizzard opened a ton of servers back when they (the servers) couldn’t handle the load of all the players. But then they improved server stability. On top of that, lots of people transferred to a small cluster of super servers, leaving a bunch of dead servers. Blizzard started to try to fix this problem with Connected Realms (not to be confused with that mess called CRZ), but stopped way short of what is necessary. Combine that with the exorbitant fees Blizzard charges to transfer (We haven’t had a services sale in how long?) I can understand if a cluster of these people feel alone.

    OpenRaid (as long as it’ll live, who knows what’ll happen when ZergID gets done with them 😦 ) is a great concept. I’ve tried to use it myself, but sadly there was only 1 raid going on at my time and, as expected, full on tanks. But that’s really only for raiding. Some people would like a place to just chat and feel social. On those dead servers, even that can be a challenge. Maybe if Blizzard would either resume the Connected Realms project or just allow Cross Realm Guilds instead of allowing people to be in multiple guilds that would help a lot too).

    Thank you for listening to an old man rant.


  2. April 12, 2016 at 7:51 pm

    To be clear, my raid team is on a quieter connected realm, but has actually flourished because of it. We were previously a top 100 realm for awhile, but then suffered when people transferred away during Cata. The combination of Feathermoon to Scarlet Crusade (Now forever known as Scarlet Moon, the cutest of all Servers!) really helped the server.

    I don’t see a ton people in the cities, but I see a lot of people out in the world especially in daily hubs, and in chat. I mean, look at the entrance to HFC on a Wednesday evening. I wouldn’t mind another cluster being merged with ours, but we’ve managed to tank our server with our antics (with the Gnome run) so I suspect there’s only so much servers can handle. 🙂


  3. Darnath
    April 12, 2016 at 7:54 pm

    Well, they did just reclassify all the servers with the new tech they added a couple weeks ago. Hell, Stormrage got demoted from Full to High. I’m sure we can handle some more merges now 🙂

    But I assume at this point Blizzard is just waiting for Legion to come and the initial flash in the pan to dissapate before they decide to continue merging. I (and others on dead realms) can only hope these two reasons are why they stopped merging.


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