Legion Planning v1.0

Planning obsessively for an expansion in my guild is nearly considered a sport, some of us get really excited by numbers. If someone came out and said they had a spreadsheet of everyone’s possible planned classes, I’d be honestly not that surprised. (Okay, I’m actually just one of the people resisting the urge to do it.) People in my guild are focused on earning things that might go away, getting achievements, and planning for the expansion while still enjoying our time left in this expansion. The best part is that they while they are excited for what is next, they tend to cheer people on or help them while remaining genuinely in the moment of getting things done, rather than hyper focused on what’s next.


After Saturday raids this week, some of us wanting to still hang out went to the Brawler’s Guild to knock out more Achievements before they vanished. While lots of gear makes everything really easy, it was fun to have three people cheering each other on, and get silly achievements done that require other people (a harder task on Scarlet Crusade). Either way, I can rest easy knowing I won’t be spending my time attempting to complete the Brawler’s guild as the server is shutting down this expansion.

WoWScrnShot_050116_073332 Really, mostly recently, I’ve felt the drive to know what I want to do with these last few months of Warlords because of people like Alt, and their #IAmPreparedLegion initiative. I have to be honest, at first, when I read the post the part about writing it down in a notebook;  thought “That’ll never happen.” I have notebooks with ideas flowing all over my apartment. I really don’t need another written list to search after in my life. However, after realizing how long my mental list of things left to do in this game was, I realized I still wanted a list.


So instead,  I’m starting out with document #IAmPreparedLegion (v1.0).  It’s 4 pages long, and is basically a  check list. I’ll likely complete tasks such as leveling remaining alts, remove such tasks and reprint several times before Legion’s launch. I have the magical power of being able to edit and print repeatedly as I see fit! Sorry forests, I’m going to make a very tiny dent in the form of MMOs.


As far as the current list itself goes. The entire first page is just earning certain mounts mostly tied to the expansion. The only exceptions come as things I want but generally really hate dealing with. Under rare spawn there are four mounts, but one of them is actually a Warbringer mount from MoP that I’m sick of camping: I’ve gotten tons of every one to drop except for an Amber one. At this point I’ve started offering to invite other people camping so they can share my spawn points. What takes up a lot of room are the remaining steps for achievements like What A Strange, Interdimensional Trip It’s Been for Pepe’s whistle. Silverwing and Arathor are on there, but I’m very close to being done.


While preparing to start, I did run around and pick up all the vendor Gold+Crystals mounts I didn’t have too! I was surprised I was missing so many, plus several of the vendor gold mounts that I didn’t have. On the list is the need to grind out the Bristling Hellboar and the Corrupted Dreadwing.  Either way, my mount count went up considerably, and now I know exactly how many more crystals I need to collect for the rest of the expansion, and I even got to check one thing off!


And so begins my plan is to keep knocking things off in an orderly fashion so I can have a nice neat empty list in time to be making a new one for Legion.

WoWScrnShot_050116_072744WoWScrnShot_050116_073233 WoWScrnShot_050116_072238 WoWScrnShot_050116_071544



  One thought on “Legion Planning v1.0

  1. Morgawr
    May 6, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one working through this type of list. Some of my guild mates find this a bit over the top.

    Liked by 1 person

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