Warcraft Cares

Throughout the past few years, there’s been a lot of amazing people helping me put together a lot of the great community events I care about work, and also a lot of other people helping to make the community a better place and organizing events that are not only in line with my own morals, but deeply important to me. Outside of the original members of SeeD, the one person who really stands out is Arcane Ratsel, whom I have teamed up with time and time again over the years for both fundraisers she’s created, and I have.


We’ve worked together on everything from the Running of the Gnomes, The Running of the Trolls, and The Icecrown Challenge. So I’m really excited to team up on a new project: Warcraft Cares! We’ll still be supporting all of our usual charity projects with our friends/family/all of you! However, we also want to be helping you support your charity projects in the Warcraft Blizzard community that are supporting excellent charities!

Feel free to contact both Ratsel or myself on twitter if you have something to share!



Do note as our focus is in helping charity organizations, my support will lean towards charities well ranked by sites such as Charity Navigator (low overhead, money actually spent on causes, etc) and groups that have a direct donation set up over a paypal site or a gofundme. 


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