Patch Prep, an Interlude

When I first made a post about my Legion prep (Alt Chat’s #IamPreparedLegion), I had a lot to do. My list was nearly four pages long. Not to mention the fact that I had another list of other accomplishments to finish once I tackled some of THOSE accomplishments.



I didn’t get everything I wanted to done, I missed one or two minor things, but as everyone at Blizzard is preparing fresh Hamsters for an invasion of improved transmog and class changes (not to mention some Legion thing…), I feel like I’m really happy with what all I got done. I realize today is the day where you clean the plate off, and start fresh tonight with a list of goals for the next six weeks.

While this post could be seen as bragging, mostly, I just want to share how much the effort of going out to do stuff has made me connect more with others, even people I would normally not have an excuse to. I even met people at the Tournament grounds who found me later on social media.  Mostly, before I dive into another series of tasks, I want to take a moment to remind myself how much I enjoyed the “Busy Work” and how much I connected with members of my guild, my servers, and even the community. I had fun, and I want to remember it.



Legacy content:
I got the rest of my Argent Tournament mounts, including the Hippogryph and the Warhorse. I’ll have to level a Paladin in the future to go back for the Charger. For now though, unless I want a tabard, or toys, I’m done with the Argent Tournament. Which means, I’m not, I’m just on a break; once I have the space for it, I still need a tabard! Plus Arthas and Yogg still owe me a mount, and transportation items are awesome.



I haven’t found a single Amber Direhorn still. At this point, I’m giving away spawn points when the wrong color spawns. I’ve had multiple of the other direhorns drop.

Miscellaneous Draenor Achievements:

Some other things that were on my list was the Corrupted Dreadwing mount, which wasn’t a matter of challenge but instead a matter of wanting to spend my apexis crystals on extra roll tokens each week. After a few days of doing more than relying upon my garrison for dailies, I was able to purchase the mount and support my gear habit. I also got Stay Awhile and Listen Done just last week. (Think of all the gold I missed out on!) Sadly, I’m still missing a few world bosses for Pepe’s Whistle, but I have a few more weeks before Legion. I’m also missing a few mounts that were pure luck, but luck is luck, and I can’t control RNG.


Sadly, I’m still missing a few world bosses for Pepe’s Whistle, but I have a few more weeks before Legion. I’m also missing a few mounts that were pure luck, but luck is luck, and I can’t control RNG.WoWScrnShot_062816_151217
Teamwork is dreamwork:

Perhaps one of the best things of my goals was my guild. Upon hearing that I had a list of personal goals, other guildies wrote out their own on the forums. A group of us went together to knock out the Brawler’s guild and get our mounts and heirloom items and when I managed to farm up the last of my Skyshards for the the Reins of the Thundering Ruby Serpent before Lucky Potions became junk; several more mount collectors and gold farmers in my guild started taking up farming for cloth and Skyshards. One fellow achievement hunter got his mount just last weekend! While I can’t take credit for everyone working together, it was really cool to see everyone sharing their goals.

Brawler's guild

Best of all my guild stuck it out and got a Grove Warden for basically every core member of our raid team. While we still have until August 30th to get a few more, with the changes to classes, and who is playing what, it might be hard to get Meese for all. Still, we have a whole herd of hard earned trophy mounts.


Plus, even though it’s not my team to lead in any way shape or form, I actually felt like a proud mother when the Community raid team killed Archimonde on Normal as well, basically all on their own. (It’s a mixed group of casual raiders, alts of our core team, and open raid people. A learning group.) I’m really excited to see where the Community Raid team goes in Legion.

WoWScrnShot_070916_214127 WoWScrnShot_070916_225258
Another thing that was on my list was getting the Glory of the Draenor Raider and the Glory of the Hellfire Raider achievements. Really, that was something that was up to the officers in my guild to choose to do. Still, the guild was extra awesome and almost everyone wanted to tackle the project. The raid team managed to get the Glory of the Hellfire Raider in about two quick nights with almost everyone.


I don’t even have everyone in this screenshot, plus more wolves happened.

I should point out that I mean EVERYONE, well everyone who was there on those nights. We took both our weekend core team and our casual weekday raiders. It was nice having the whole guild together, including brand new members. Afterwards we completed the last two achievements; Ashes, Ashes and the Ironcrusher step of Fain Would Lie Down; of Glory of the Draenor Raider giving those of us who had been working on it at the end of Blackrock Foundry and early in Hellfire Citadel. The achievement granted us so ugly they’re kinda cute Gorestrider Gronnling, and it was also a really cool thank you to the team that had stuck with it through the whole expansion.

I think we could possibly get a few people more of the Infernal Direwolves or maybe even Gorestrider Gronnlings before the expansion if we all adjust to our “like new” classes or for some people their actually new classes if the officers wanted to tackle it again after Tuesday’s patch The team did, go back in on Saturday night to get more Gronnlings to the masses; I think they even lapped back for some lower Citadel achievements.


To be really blunt, I’d rather never do You Gotta Keep ‘em Separated ever again. My nerd scream of elation was “NEVER AGAIN” instead of joyus words. I do suffer from some colorblindness, so this particular fight challenged me all expansion. I feared the whole fight that I would be the one to wipe everyone.

I would do it again for people, but I would want advance warning to uncork a bottle of wine beforehand. Both it and Bad Manner(oth) were actually kind of tricky and a huge…achievement. Bad Manner(oth) pointed out that some people who didn’t do Heroic Manneroth with us often didn’t understand exactly how hard the Doom Circles hit, and You Gotta Keep em’ Seperated really showed how much we let the fire cross because of lack of interrupts and lack of being prepared. Really it showed where we had room for improvement as a group. It’s one of the reasons why I both love, and hate, achievements. It was a good learning experience, even if it raised my salt content slightly.


Either way, I’m excited for Legion with these people. Raiding will be exciting, dungeons will be exciting, and I am glad they are my home for experiencing content.




Since my last post I also got Silverwing to exalted. I still have a sentence to serve in the Basin for Justicar, bit it’s nearly over and I plan to spend it adjusting to the PvP changes. Plus Arathi Basin is one of my favorite Battlegrounds.


Challenge Modes (with a bonus lesson on being kind):


One of my biggest accomplishments was completing every single CM gold. I wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been for some friends I made in a random late night pug. They were really nice and took me through three CM golds, and while they knew I could play as well as a sack of potatoes in CMs, they took me anyways. I did have to play, keep BRez’s up, interupt, stun, and make an honest effort to DPS with the right gear on, but the credit goes to them. We got it done Sunday night, an hour before my Solid State Drive kicked the bucket; thank goodness for extra computer parts.)

When I put out my blog about how if people went out and were cool to people that they meet in pugs or random groups, they could have great experiences and that content droughts would be less dry; a lot of people told me that no one has that happen. But I honestly did. I do all the time. I meet so many amazing people by saying yes to adventures and being kind to them.


Even if I hadn’t completed one or all of my golds, I had a lot of fun learning with the people I did CMs with. They’re better players than me, and I had a lot I could learn. When they first asked me to come on one run I said yes because they were fun to hang out with, and I was laughing so much with them that it was an automatic yes. I wanted to hang out with them more. Plus, they were really friendly in general, even if they were pranksters. I hope I get the chance to hang out and do fun stuff with them in Legion, where they aren’t carrying me like a sack of potatoes.

The lesson here is to be cool to people, it won’t give you shit 99.99% of the time, because that’s not why you make friends, but if you’re nice to people you’ll have a much more full life, and that’s worth way more than most people realize until being kind becomes a habit.



So yeah, I have a collection of cool weapons, but the experience of getting them was pretty badass. 

What I learned from Warlords:
Warlords had a lot of things that I really enjoyed. Raiding was actually a really good experience with a lot of people. I wish that something had been done with Shattrath, but alas. Still, I had so much fun completing the raids with so many amazing people. It was the expansion that caused me to reconnect with people that were precious to me, and it caused me to branch out and try new things. Much like the expansion has been about reconnecting, I feel like I’ve reconnected with where I belong.

The artwork is still breathtaking almost two years later, and all and all, it was an adventure that I’m glad I took with so many people. On occasion I find a missed detail of set dressing or wording that catches my eye that I had never seen before, and I appreciate the effort all over again. If Legion is any indication, I’ll feel the same way all over again with the coming expansion but so much more. I did appreciate the garrisons, and the little girl in me appreciates the effort on my very own almost Disney castle. I’m certain the Horde is glad for Global Warming coming soon however as their toes have to be lost in the slush.


Future plans:

As far as lists go, I still have to iron out a new list once I get a grip on the patch. I’ve picked my main. (My blog is called Magical WARLOCK Girl)A primary raiding alt (…a Demon Hunter, you got me Blizz, I like wings, and I’ll miss Meta too much.) As well as primary alts for roleplay. (Frost mage?) Professions for the new Demon Hunter must be leveled, banks cleared out, and markets cashed in on. Not to mention transmog farming.

Mostly, I realize that these posts serve as a landmark for me of progress. Tomorrow will likely be the start of #IamPreparedLegion 2.0. While my achievements aren’t legendary, for not feeling well and having very little left I want done, I still managed to get a lot off my list.  Thankfully, this afternoon will provide a whole new form of busywork.

For now however, while the servers rest, and my EU friends work to get the last bit of gold or their own last few accomplishments, I too shall take a nap.



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