When I first heard about Legion, and it’s vast amount of world bosses to kill, and Legendary items to attain, I had a picture in my head of the weekly rotation from Mists of flying from world boss to world boss, looking for items in large groups of people while orange pixels were showered upon us.

I was kind of wrong, and I’m kind of glad that I was.


One of the most fun parts about about the concept of Legendary items was that they could come from ANYWHERE.

It’s still a big mystery. There’s this big idea that we should just keep trying and killing everything, because we’ll be rewarded for our efforts, or not, because who knows what the heck could be in the next box, or the reward for killing the next thing? I know that generally I’m going to disenchant everything that comes out of the boxes from doing Emissary quests, but maybe it’ll have a Legendary.

In fact, “Maybe it’ll have a Legendary!!” kind of became our guild rallying cry for a bit any time anyone felt discouraged about doing any kind of content!

We’d do extra heroics. People would jump at the chance to run things they didn’t need the gear for to help others, because they didn’t mind helping and hey, “May it’ll have a Legendary!!” LFRs, Withered Army Training, World quests, Mythics, and Mythic+, the progression team running with the relaxed team for another shot to kill bosses.  Granted, it wasn’t entirely selfish and for the sake of seeing that little orange flash. I saw a lot of people becoming engaged with the game, and finding things that they liked, and didn’t like. The general amount of activity was amazing, and people generally enjoy the game.


When the first few Legendary items started dropping for our guildies, it was pretty easy to be really, really excited for them! Our progression team was getting them, the relaxed team was getting them, our friends and family members were getting them! It was easy to be excited for people, because everyone was being included in the Legion experience!

Yet, at the same time, the idea that you could get a Legendary from anywhere, and “Maybe it’ll have a Legendary!” became a bit discouraging once people started getting not just one, but two, and then three to drop. While most of us felt hopeful, there was perhaps a hint of salt behind:”Maybe it’ll have a Legendary!” I actually managed to still feel encouraged though, dragging people to LFR in the middle of the night, and one more Heroic before bed.
wowscrnshot_102316_174402Yesterday one person didn’t want to open their Mythic+ chest because since it could have a Legendary inside of it, it was like having half a Legendary anyways, Schrödinger’s Legendary. It didn’t have one.

Why does a Legendary even matter?

For some people, they might wonder why a legendary might even matter, or why people feel so suddenly stressed out about a pile of orange pixels.

I guess if I played casually-ish like I did in Mists when I was taking a break from raiding for the most part (and just joined pugs), I don’t think I would care so much. A Legendary would be a really cool thing to have happen, but I don’t think it would be such a big deal.  Perhaps if I was in a cutting edge raiding guild and I was one of the best warlocks in the world who did perfect DPS all the time, maybe it wouldn’t matter either. (Okay, that’s a lie, they all really want Legendary items too, because it makes their DPS even better.)

Let’s be real: I’m not, I’m a really average player who makes mistakes that I’m constantly working to fix as a DPS, and I’m on a team with four other Warlocks. FOUR. That’s a scary number.wowscrnshot_101416_230857

There’s so many of us that we can have one of each spec in a fight even if we sit one of us each night. The thing is one already had a Legendary. They’re all nice and really good players. We have more than 20 people on our team, and that means that if they don’t need four Warlocks in a fight on Mythic, well, the math is easy to do. It’s a conversation I’ve even had with an officer, and Legendary items easily factor into the equation.

Some might say that it’s a load of shit it works that way, that’s sort of always been how raiding works. I simply don’t want to be the dead weight of the four Warlocks.


Let the spam begin.

7.1 seemed to have been the patch with everything in it, including Legendary spam.

First the patch reset everyone’s Emissary quests, giving everyone a shot at 3 Emissary Boxes. Then there were tons of quests, a world boss, Mythics that everyone had to go through, not to mention Mythic+ chests in everyone’s Order Halls.


Throughout the evening in my guild, people got legendary item after legendary item, and I actually started to feel discouraged really for the first time. Not only discouraged, but the crushing anxious fear of losing my raid spot was slamming me in the chest while I tried to enjoy going to Karazhan with a group of guildies.  A total of six dropped while we were in there, but we did manage to enjoy the first few bosses of Kara.

Unsatisfyingly Legendary:

Yet, after part of my party decided to go to sleep, I decided to take a chance and go to LFR, where I got the seventh legendary of the evening for my guild.  The item I got was actually pretty situationally good, and would be great coupled with the BiS gloves.

While I felt happy and surprised; I actually felt stupid for caring so much. The thing is that I was keeping up fairly well with the other Warlocks before I got a Legendary. Giving a me a set of pixels won’t make me the best player ever. It just helps. Yeah, I’m less stressed about losing my raid spot, but I would have buckled down and found numerous ways to keep that. I’m too stubborn to quit.

Worst of all; since I got one Legendary, I’ll need another to keep up with the others in the guild who have two or three now. Also if I have two for one spec then I’ll need two for each spec since I’m expected to be able to play all three really. Also I’ll need all the best ones to swap around, if I’m going to be greedy and perfect.

I don’t want to think like that. The whole journey to getting a legendary taught me a lot. It’s a total give a mouse a cookie situation, and I should just worry more about the rest of the meal instead. I’ve had so much fun the last two months. More fun than I’ve had in years with people that I really and truly enjoy. I wasn’t anxious and distressed about losing my raid spot because I love to raid, though I do! I was worried about being unable to play with my friends who I am having an amazing time playing with.

I’ll get more when I get more. For now, I know I’m not broken luck wise, and I’m just going to enjoy the game. Maybe I’ll get the gloves next. (Kidding. A little. Maybe?)






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