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It’s Not Blizzard’s Fault You’re Playing Alone

No matter where I go in social media, I hear people saying that they don’t feel an amount of community in the Warcraft Community.  Dead guilds, not knowing how to find people to do an activity with, being afraid to engage other players, missing raid team members, and every other complaint you’ve heard in your lifetime.


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Because We’d Rather You Didn’t


There’s this really old screenshot that a friend emailed to me a few years ago; it’s mostly just of his Mage and my Warlock sitting there as he and I talked. He had just run me through a dungeon during my re-roll at the start of the Burning Crusade. While I’m uncertain of context of the conversation before it, the chat in the box as our characters sat there on the screen read: “And this is why I will never play Demonology.”


I laughed, he laughed. When we talk about it now years later, it’s an ironic sort of laughter.

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