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Patch Prep, an Interlude

When I first made a post about my Legion prep (Alt Chat’s #IamPreparedLegion), I had a lot to do. My list was nearly four pages long. Not to mention the fact that I had another list of other accomplishments to finish once I tackled some of THOSE accomplishments.



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Legion Planning v1.0

Planning obsessively for an expansion in my guild is nearly considered a sport, some of us get really excited by numbers. If someone came out and said they had a spreadsheet of everyone’s possible planned classes, I’d be honestly not that surprised. (Okay, I’m actually just one of the people resisting the urge to do it.) People in my guild are focused on earning things that might go away, getting achievements, and planning for the expansion while still enjoying our time left in this expansion. The best part is that they while they are excited for what is next, they tend to cheer people on or help them while remaining genuinely in the moment of getting things done, rather than hyper focused on what’s next.


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